Playbook: Send review request to NPS promoters

You can use survey respondent workflows to automatically send review request to NPS promoters. 

Before you begin

  • Ensure that you have added at least 1 survey. This is required for us to trigger sending.
  • Ensure that you have added at least 1 review requester. This is required for us to send review request.
  • Check that you are in Starter Plan or above. This is required in order for workflows to be executed.


Go to workflows page and add a new workflow. Then select event type Survey Respondent (Created)


Add condition to filter for NPS promoters.


Select OnVoard (Send Review Request) for action and specify review requester to use.

Keep in mind that email must be specified as respondent trait in order for us to know who to send review request. (This is done automatically for you if you are sending surveys via email).

In-Survey Review Request

You can also use survey actions to request for reviews at the end survey. Use survey rules if you want to conditionally route to survey actions based on question's answer.

Preview of review request via slide-in web survey

For more, see guide for survey actions and rules.

Multi-Pronged Approach for Review Request

To take things further, you can adopt a multi-pronged approach for review request by using both in-survey review request and survey respondent workflow. For this approach, it is vital that you specify  Dedup Window (Days) for review requester to avoid sending review request to a user who has already opted-in via in-survey review request.