Slack Integration

OnVoard's integration with Slack allows you to push data from OnVoard to Slack. You can use the integration to get notified whenever an event occurs. Below are some events that we support.

  • Review (Created)
  • Incentivized Reviewer (Created)
  • Interview (Created)
  • Interview (Responded)
  • Survey Respondent (Created)

Setting up Slack Integration

Go to connections page and connect to your Slack account
OnVoard will require the following permission scopes.
  • Access public channels - Allows us to provide a list of channels you can send message to.
  • Send messages - Allows us to push messages

Authorize OnVoard to these Slack permissions and the connection will be ready.

Example: Get notified for negative reviews

In this example, we will show how you can get notified on Slack for incoming negative reviews. The same concept applies to other use cases.
Go to workflows page and add a new workflow. 

Select Review (Created) for event type.

You can add conditions to filter reviews that will be forwarded. For example, if you only want to forward negative reviews, you can add conditions to filter  1-star, 2-star reviews. 

Click Add Action and select Slack (Post Message) and specify Slack channel to send message. 
Wait for new reviews
Once setup, incoming new reviews that met specified conditions will be forwarded to Slack channel.

Preview of how a review looks like on Slack