Quickstart: Notifiers

Notifiers are social proof notifications shown on page to build credibility and increase your site's conversion rate. 

Primer of how generated notifications look like.

OnVoard Notifier supports 3 different types of notifications.

Pulse Notification

Pulse are social proof data captured within a certain period. For example, number of sales from Stripe within the last 30 days. You can show this data as social proof notifications. 

See list of social proof data available for pulse.

Quote Notification

Show quotes extracted from reviews to highlight key aspects of why your brand is chosen by reviewers.

Rating Notification

Show listing's overall rating details in notifications to convince visitors that your brand is tried and tested by other users.

Before you begin

Setting up Notifier

Go to notifiers page and add a new notifier. 

Quote Notifications

There are 2 available options for Quotes Selection 
  • Positive Quotes - This is the default config. With this setup, our system will to automatically select positive quotes for display based on generated sentiments (you can change quote's sentiment manually if it's incorrectly labeled). The pros of this setup is that you don't have to do any additional manual work on selecting quotes to display and can easily have ever-changing quotes displayed on your site.
  • Shortlisted Quotes - Select this if you want to have full control over quotes that will be shown on your site. This setup requires you to shortlist quotes manually.

Get Code Snippet

After creating notifier, go to widget loaders page and find the loader you have selected for notifier. Click on options icon and select Show Code Snippet. Copy the code and paste it before the </body> tag of your site.