Quickstart: Reviews Monitoring

You can use reviews monitoring to track reviews from various supported review sites. See the list of supported review sites.

Connect to sources

Go to Connections page and connect sources with your account. This is required if you want to monitor reviews from Facebook and Google My Business.

Add review listing

Go to Review Listing page and add listings to monitor for reviews. 

OnVoard support reviews monitoring from:

  • Facebook
  • Google My Business

You can simply select listings from available options.

After adding review listing

OnVoard will automatically fetch reviews for newly added listings. Go to Review Listing page to view status for fetch requests. By default, OnVoard will automatically fetch new reviews every 12 hours. Turn off auto fetch if you prefer not to retrieve new reviews automatically. There's also an option to manually trigger fetch to get the latest reviews.

Review Status

New reviews will start with Pending Response status. Switch to Responded once you have submitted a response for the review. Otherwise, switch to Skip Response if you don't wish to respond to the review. Having different status allows you to quickly identify reviews that require your attention.

Filtered reviews

Reviews can't be deleted. Instead, you can set a review to be filtered. Filtered reviews will be shown separately on a different view and will be excluded from review analytics. At any point in time, you can unfiltered a previously filtered review. In most cases, you would only filter reviews that are erroneously added.

Respond directly

For Facebook and Google My Business, you can respond directly to reviews without leaving OnVoard's dashboard.

Review Quotes

Quotes will also be automatically extracted from fetched reviews. These quotes can later be used for notifier.
See guide for setting up notifier.