Guide for Story Categories

Categories can be used to group relevant stories together. 

On collection page, categories act as filterable options allowing users to search for stories based on a specific attribute. For example, user can search for stories for  Tech companies by filtering industry.

When creating a new story, you can categorize a story by adding category as an attribute.

Setting up Story Categories

Go to story categories page and add a new category.

Internal Name (Optional)

Providing internal name is optional but you should use it if you have multiple sites using the same category name. Having a different internal name allows to distinguish them. For example, let's say you have 2 sites and both use  Region as a category. You can use internal name Region (Site A) and Region (Site B) to reference both categories internally.

Adding Category Values

After adding a category, go to category values page and add values for category. Added values will be selectable options for category.