Quickstart: Stories

OnVoard Stories provide Hosted Stories Page for your business. You can use it to display customer or employee stories without dealing with any technical complexities.

Getting Started

Add Story Site

Story site is required before a story can be added. Go to story sites page and add a new site.


Layout refers to the type of profile site is generated for. Keep in mind that layout can't be modified on a later date.
  • If the site is for customer stories and your customer represents a business, select Organization.
  • If the site is for employee stories, select Person.

Add Story

After story site has been created, go to stories page and add a new story.  To make your story more compelling, you recommend filling in all displayed fields.

Story Options

Go back to stories page and click on option icon to view story options.
  • Reorder Story - Stories are sorted in a custom order. Use this to change the sort order for story.
  • View PDF - OnVoard will automatically generate PDF for story after modifications has been made. It may take a few minutes for PDF to be updated since the task runs in the background.

How does it look like?

Preview of story collection page

Preview of story article page