Guide for Survey Rules

You can use survey rules to conditionally route to specific question or action based on the previous question's answer. 

For example, given that question A is an NPS survey and B is hidden by default. We can add rules to show question B if user selects 8,9,10 for A.

How can I add survey rules?

Each survey will have its own set of rules. Go to surveys page and select survey you wish to modify rules. Click on option icon and select Edit Rules.

Which question types can be used as condition?

  • Selection
  • Scale

What are the available effects for survey rule?

  • Go to Action - Go to specific action if conditions are met. For link and email survey, we will use the first qualified rule (if there are multiple qualified rules). Available for all survey distribution types.
  • Show Question - Show selected question if conditions are met. Not available for one-click email survey.
  • Hide Question - Hide selected question if conditions are met. Not available for one-click email survey.
  • Set Cookie - Set cookie if conditions are met. Only available for web survey.