Guide for Survey Actions

Action will be executed at the end of survey. Every survey must have a default action to close off a survey. You can add multiple actions and use rules to conditionally route to them.

Below are the available actions for surveys.

  • Notice - Show notice at the end of survey. This is also where you can place your thank you message.
  • Call to Action - Show call to action button and direct user to another site at the end of survey.
  • Redirect URL - Automatically redirect user to another url at the end of survey. This will not be available for web survey.
  • Review Request - Use this if you want to send review request with incentivization. After providing their email, we will drop user an email with a link to leave reviews and apply for rewards (if there are any). If you simply want to direct the user to a review link without any attached incentives, use Call to Action instead.
  • Interview Request - Ask user if they would like to participate in interview at the end of survey. Useful if you want to generate more customer stories.