Quickstart: Slide-In Web Survey

Embed slide-in web survey widget to your website. 

Setting up Slide-In Web Survey

Go to surveys page and add a new survey. Then select Slide-In Web.

On survey setup, you would need to specify: 

  • At least 1 question. We recommend limiting the number of questions to keep the survey short.
  • At least 1 default action to close off survey
  • Widget loader to load web survey. Widget loader allows you to load multiple widgets on your site by adding a single pixel code once.

After creating your survey, go to widget loaders page and find the loader you have selected for web survey. Click on options icon and select Show Code Snippet. Copy the code and paste it before the </body> tag of your site. 

You can assign multiple slide-in web surveys to the same widget loader and use targeting options to determine when should a survey be displayed. To prevent overwhelming users with multiple surveys, the loader will always show at most 1 survey for each page load.

How does it work?

1)  This is how a slide-in web survey widget looks like. You can customize the widget's appearance and theme it based on your brand colors. For initial load, we will only display 1 question. 

2) After the first question has been selected, we will display the rest of the questions (if there are any). This approach helps increases engagement since displaying 1 question on initial load makes survey easier to participate.

3) After answering, user will be shown a screen depending on executed survey action. One example would be to show them a call to action link.

Setting Respondent Traits

You can use javascript API for OnVoard's widgets to pass respondent traits programmatically.

# key and value are mandatory to set trait data
OnVoard('slide_in_web_survey', 'setRespondentTrait', {
  key: 'name',
  value: 'John Doe'

# valueType is optional but we recommend you include it whenever possible. 
# When excluded, OnVoard will guess the appropriate valueType to use but 
# values like timestamp can't be accurately assigned and will be set as integer 
# if valueType is not specified.
OnVoard('slide_in_web_survey', 'setRespondentTrait', {
  key: 'registered_timestamp',
  value: 1560963668,
  valueType: 'timestamp'

Read guide about respondent traits.