Quickstart: Interview Request

OnVoard's Interview Requester tool allows you to send interview requests to your users via email. Interviews can later be used to generate customer or employee stories.

Before you begin

  • Ensure that you have added at least 1 email profile. This is required for us to send interview requests.
  • You should create reward templates if you intend to incentivized users for participating in interviews
  • Prepare a set of questions to ask for interview

Setting up Interview Requester

Go to interview requesters page and add a requester.

Some limitations for trial plan:
  • You can send up to 100 interview requests. 
  • Bulk sending is not available.


Similar to review request, you can specify number of days to lookback and deduplicate so you can avoid sending interview requests to the recipient with same email. This is especially useful when you are using multiple triggers like Salesforce and Shopify to automatically send interview requests since both systems will have overlapping email records.

Although this field is optional, we highly recommend you to use it to avoid trashing your recipients' inbox.

How Interview gets Created

While it is possible to manually add a new interview, most users would prefer using requester tool to create a new interview. You can also assign rewards to interview request and give take-up rates a little boost.

1) After you send an interview request, the recipient will be provided with a link to indicate their interest to participate in interview.

2) Clicking on the link will bring them to a page indicating that we have dropped them an interview instructions email. At the same time, OnVoard will automatically create a new interview for this recipient.

3) User can access to interview from instructions email.

4) A preview of how an interview looks like. User can answer to interview questions and apply for rewards all within the interview page.

Ways to send interview requests

  • Send single interview request manually
  • Send interview requests in bulk (up to 1000)
  • Use triggers to automate sending of interview requests
  • Use zapier to automate sending of interview requests
  • Use survey actions to automate sending of interview requests
  • Use survey respondent workflows to automate sending of interview requests