Quickstart: Incentivized Reviewers

Incentivized Reviewers are recipients of review request who have applied for rewards.

How Incentivized Reviewer gets Created

1) After you send a review request, the recipient will be provided with a reward link in that email.

2) Clicking on reward link will bring them to a page where they can fill in additional details and apply for reward.

3) After a recipient has applied for rewards, we will automatically create an incentivized reviewer with Pending status.

Managing Incentivized Reviewers

Incentivized reviewer can be set to 4 different statuses. Ideally, if the reviewer is valid, you would set the status to Approved.
  1. Void - Set void if you want to ignore reviewer but not delete it. Reward page can't be accessed publicly if reviewer has been void.
  2. Pending - Default stage when incentivized reviewer is created (after user applies for rewards).
  3. Follow-Up - If you need to follow-up with reviewer before approving rewards.
  4. Approved - Approve reviewer's request for rewards. Reward page can't be modified by reviewer.

After approving a reviewer, you will see notification prompt indicating that reviewer is missing fulfillment. This means that we have approved the reviewer's request for rewards but has not yet created a fulfillment for that. What you can do next is to click on box icon and Create Fulfillment for reviewer.

After curation, go to Fulfillments page to view all your fulfillment. You still need to deliver the fulfillment manually by yourself. Once that is done, you can mark fulfillment as Completed.