Quickstart: Email Profile

The first thing to do when setting up your OnVoard account is to setup email profiles. At least 1 email profile is required before you can start sending emails.

Setting up Email Profile

Go to email profiles page and add a new profile. After adding, we will send a verification email to ensure that you have access to added email address.
By default, we will send your emails from OnVoard's domain. If you have to have more control in deliverability, you can setup to send email from your own domain. Emails sent from your own domain will not have "via onvoard-mail.com" message.

Sending from OnVoard's Domain (default)

Sending from your own verified domain

Sending from your own email domain

Go to email domains page and add your email domain. 

Add Email Domain

Email domain should match email address for sending. For example, use onvoard.com if you are sending from support@onvoard.com.

Verify DNS Records

After adding your email domain, you will be presented with 3 CNAME records that you will need to add to your DNS config. 

For this illustration, the screenshot above is an example of how the modified DNS records looks like for Route53. Your implementation will probably be different since different DNS providers will have a different setup, but you can still use the example as a general guide. 

Once that is done, wait for a few minutes for DNS to propagate. After that, you can verify your modified DNS records. Once verified, our system will automatically use verified domains to send for matching email addresses.

What happens when email domain is deleted?

We will automatically fallback to send with OnVoard's domain.