Quickstart: Review Request

OnVoard's Review Requester tool allows you to send review requests to your users via email. 

There are 2 review requester types that you can create:

Single Site

Request reviews for a specific site. This can be incentivized with rewards.

Multiple Sites

Request reviews by showcasing a list of sites users can leave reviews on. Will use review sites landers to display available sites. This can't be incentivized with rewards. See guide on setting up review sites lander.

Before you begin

  • Ensure that you have added at least 1 email profile. This is required for us to send review requests.
  • You should create reward templates if you intend to incentivized users for leaving reviews.
  • If you are adding requester for multiple sites, you need to have at least 1 review sites landers ready for selection.

Setting up Review Requester

Go to review requesters page and add a requester.

Some limitations for trial plan:
  • You can send up to 100 review requests. 
  • Bulk sending is not available.


You can specify number of days to lookback and deduplicate so you can avoid sending review requests to the recipient with same email. This is especially useful when you are using multiple triggers like Salesforce and Shopify to automatically send review requests since different systems may have overlapping email records.

Although this field is optional, we highly recommend you to use it to avoid trashing your recipients' inbox.


 If you are using single site requester, you are provided with the option to specify rewards and incentivize users to write reviews. 

This is how an email with incentivized rewards looks like. You can go to incentivized reviewers page to keep track of users who have applied for rewards.

Get Review URL with Custom Fields

Although not mandatory, we recommend you to ask the user for Review URL so you can verify the written review when users are applying for rewards.

Only use rewards for review sites that allow incentivization

Not every review sites allow incentivizing users for writing rewards. If you want to add rewards, please only use it for review sites that allow incentivization. We build this feature so that businesses can reward users for their efforts in leaving reviews. We do not advocate the practice of buying reviews.

What's Next

After adding review requester, you will have various options to send review requests.

  • Send single review request manually
  • Send review requests in bulk (up to 1000)
  • Use triggers to automate sending of review requests
  • Use zapier to automate sending of review requests
  • Use survey actions to automate sending of review requests
  • Use survey respondent workflows to automate sending of review requests