Quickstart: Rewards

 You can use rewards to motivate users to perform tasks like leaving reviews or participating in customer interviews. OnVoard has built-in rewards management tool to help you manage rewards lifecycle from rewards assignment to keeping track of fulfillment status.

Reward Templates

To start, go to reward templates page and add a template. Currently, all rewards fulfillment must be handled manually.

Line Items

Each line item should clearly state the reward user can expect. In most cases, you would specify 1 line item but you can add multiple line items to provide more than 1 reward options. 
Here's an example for interview rewards.
  1. $20 Amazon Gift Card for Completed Interview
  2. Additional $10 to gift card if interview word count is more than 1000
  3. Additional $10 to gift card if you provide us with company logo, hero image, and representative details

User will be shown the available options (for each line item) and they can check all rewards that they qualify.


Description to be shown along with your reward label. For example, you can list all the requirements to be qualified for rewards.
- All interview questions must be answered.
- Interview word count must be at least 100.
- You will also grant us permission to use interview content for marketing purposes.


Use footnote to provide additional information that can be helpful to user. For example, you can use footnote to explain about rewards redemption process and how long it would take. 
After interview has been responded, it will take a few days for u to check and notify you about rewards disbursement.

Custom Fields

Use custom field if you need to collect additional information from user. For example, if you are giving out free t-shirts as reward, you can add  Shipping Address as custom field.

How to use Reward Templates

After creating reward templates, you can use it to load and assign rewards to review requester and interview requester.