Quickstart: Pulse

Pulse can be used capture to social proof data within a certain period. For example, you can use pulse to collect and display number of sales from Stripe. OnVoard is natively integrated with many other platforms including collect data for pulse:

  • Google Analytics
  • Acuity Scheduling
  • Calendly
  • Stripe
  • Shopify

See list of social proof data available for pulse.

What can you do with pulse data?

Below are use cases for pulse data.

1) Pulse Notifications

You can use pulse for social proof notifications. 

Follow links below to setup pulse notifications:

2) Modify text elements on your site with social proof data

For example, you can use social proof data to make your landing page more persuasive by replacing call-to-action from  Join our newsletter to another variant  Join 45,500 other marketers. There are 2 approach to accomplish this, Pulse Endpoint Querying and Site Modifiers.

Pulse Endpoint Querying

This is the more tedious and technical approach to customize your site with social proof data. The idea is to fetch pulse result via url Pulse Endpoint using server side querying and render your site with updated content. Below is how a sample endpoint result looks like

  "raw_value": 5000,
  "transformed_value": "5,000"

Follow links below if you are adopting this approach:

Site Modifiers

This is a much simpler approach that we think most users would prefer. The idea is to specify modified elements within OnVoard's UI and Site Modifier's script will handle the technical work of selecting and replacing element content. 

Follow links below if you are adopting this approach: