Shopify Integration

Shopify is a e-commerce platform for online stores and retailers. Below are ways you can use OnVoard's integration with Shopify.

Before you begin

1) Shopify Linked Organization

Make sure that you have created your organization to be Shopify Linked during registration. If you need to convert an existing organization to be Shopify Linked, feel free to contact us via the chat button below. 

A few important things to know about Shopify Linked organization:

  • Shopify integration will only be available to Shopify Linked organizations. 
  • Shopify Linked organizations will be billed by Shopify. This means that OnVoard bills will show up as app charges in your Shopify account.
2) Connecting to Shopify

After you have registered, the first step of your setup would be to first connect to your Shopify account. Go to connections and connect to your Shopify account.

Data from Shopify to OnVoard

1) Trigger Sending Action

Automatically send survey, review request, or interview request to users from Shopify store.

2) Fetch Pulse Data

Fetch number of Shopify customers or orders and use it for pulse notifications.

1) Trigger Sending Action

The concept to trigger sending action for survey, review request, and interview request is the same. Below is a list of available trigger types for Shopify:

  • Shopify (Customers)
  • Shopify (Orders)

In this example, we will show how you can trigger sending action to Shopify customers

  • If you haven't setup survey, follow guide to setup one-click email survey.
  • Go to connections page and connect to your Shopify account.
  • Go to triggers page and add a new trigger. In this example, we'll select Send Survey action.
  • Select Shopify (Customers)  for trigger type. 
  • Once setup, we will automatically send survey to new customers from Shopify store.

2) Fetch Pulse Data

You can fetch data from Shopify and use it for pulse notifications. Below is a list of pulse data we can fetch from Shopify:

  • Shopify (Customers)
  • Shopify (Orders)

In this example, we will show how you can use Shopify customers for pulse notifications

  • Go to connections page and connect to your Shopify account.
  • Go to pulses page and add a new pulse. Select one of Shopify's pulse type. In this example, we'll select Shopify (Customers) 
  • After you have setup pulse, you can use it to setup notifiers.


How does OnVoard app charges with Shopify Billing works?

All OnVoard app charges will be billed on a designated Shopify store. You can add multiple stores to your OnVoard account without incurring additional charges. We charge based on your usage with OnVoard, not on the number of Shopify stores you link with OnVoard.

Prorations will be applied accordingly for the following modifications:

  • Changing of designated Shopify store used for billing
  • Changing of subscription plans
What happens when I uninstall OnVoard's App 

If you uninstall OnVoard app, we will set relevant Shopify connection inside your OnVoard account to inactive. If the uninstalled store is used for billing, we will automatically cancel paid subscription for your OnVoard account. 

You can always re-install OnVoard's app later on and proration will be handled by Shopify. After re-installing, go to subscriptions page and decide if you wish to resume subscription (we do not automatically revert cancellation of subscription when you re-install)

How do I cancel OnVoard Subscription for Shopify Linked Accounts?

  • Go to subscriptions page and select Cancel Subscription. You can still access paid features until end of billing period.
  • Another way to cancel is to uninstall OnVoard's app from Shopify console. This difference with this approach is that if you uninstall OnVoard app, Shopify connection will be set to inactive.
Can OnVoard credits be used to offset Shopify bills?

Unfortunately, OnVoard credits can't be used to offset your Shopify bills.