OnVoard's Affiliate Program

You can earn 30% lifetime commission by referring users to OnVoard. 

A little about OnVoard's affiliate program:

  • We use 30-day cookie to track referrals.
  • We pay affiliates via PayPal.
  • Minimum payouts start from $50.
  • OnVoard pay on NET 45 terms. Thus, February's commissions will be fulfilled by 15th April if minimum payouts are met. The delay window is due to possibility of refunds.

How to participate in OnVoard's Affiliate Program?

1) Get an OnVoard account

You need an OnVoard account to participate, sign up or login to your OnVoard account. 

Keep in mind that:

  • Only organization owner has access to affiliate settings.
  • You can still participate in OnVoard's affiliate program even if you are on free

2) Update Affiliate Details

Go to affiliate details page and update your details. 

You can customize shortcode to prettify your affiliate links. More importantly, you need to provide us with your PayPal email. 

If PayPal email is not provided, payouts will not be generated.

3) Copy your Affiliate Link

Go to affiliate overview and copy affiliate link. The link will redirect to OnVoard's home page. If a user signs up from your affiliate link, our system will automatically record them as your referrals. 

How are payouts generated?

OnVoard generates payouts on 5th of each month. Since we're paying on NET 45 terms, OnVoard will omit commissions from current and previous month. 

For example, if we're generating payouts on 5th April:

  • February's commissions will be included
  • March's commissions will be excluded
  • April's commissions will be excluded

If accumulated commissions is less than minimum thresholds, payout will not be generated. 

Are there any restricted affiliate activities?

Below are some prohibited activities:
  • Abuse
  • Cheating
  • Self-referrals
  • Using misleading or incorrect information
  • Using discount coupons that are not assigned to you
  • PPC advertising with OnVoard's keywords or trademark
  • Promoting via coupon sites