Guide for Interview Questions

What kind of questions should I ask?

Most B2B customer stories uses the following structure:
  • Background (Tell us more about yourself?)
  • Challenges (Challenges before customer use your product)
  • Solution (How did your product help to resolve the challenges)
  • Implementation (How did customer add your product to their stack)
  • Results (Final results, preferably with stats provided)
Ideally, your interview questions should be able to gather sufficient content for each of these topic.

Sample Questions

Below is a set of customer interview questions that we use internally at OnVoard when sending out interview requests.
Hello! Can you introduce yourself and tell us more about your business?
Your background story, service, what you do and what kind of customers do you serve.
What are the challenges that you were facing initially?
What cause these challenges? How did it affect your business?
How do you use our product to resolve these challenges?
Tell us more about your marketing stack? How do our products integrate and work with your existing tools and workflows?
What was the end result?
How useful is the implementation? Did it help to get better numbers (increase in traffic/leads/sales) or are there any positive impact? 

Other Question Ideas

  • How did you found about ACME_CORP?
  • What made you choose ACME_CORP?
  • How did ACME_CORP help?
  • Any recommendations for others considering ACME_CORP?
  • Why did you decide to implement our products and what were your expectations?
  • What features you find the most useful?
  • Why did you choose our products over other alternatives?