Quickstart: Initial Setup

Follow the guide below to get started with the on-voarding process.

  1. Quickstart: Email Profile - Required before you can start sending emails to recipients.
  2. Quickstart: Rewards - If you intend to incentivize users, you may want to add reward templates for reuse.
  3. Quickstart: Surveys - To start collecting feedback from your users.
  4. Quickstart: Review Request - If you want to send review requests to your users.
  5. Quickstart: Interview Request - If you want to send interview requests to your users.
  6. Quickstart: Stories - Use OnVoard to power your customer stories page.
  7. Quickstart: Reviews Monitoring - Keep track of reviews for your listings.
  8. Quickstart: Pulse - Use social proof data to make your lander more persuasive.
  9. Quickstart: Notifiers - Generate social proof notifications for your site.