Playbook: Send review request to interviewees

You can use triggers to automatically send review request to users who have participated in interviews. Since interviewees are users who are already recommending your brand, there's a good chance that they will be willing to leave a review.

Before you begin

  • Ensure that you have added at least 1 review requester. This is required for us to send review request.
  • Check that you are in Standard Plan or above. This is required for interviews.


Go to triggers page and add a new trigger. For action, select Send Review Request.

Trigger Type

Select OnVoard (Interviewees). OnVoard will poll for new users every hour.

Interview Requesters (Optional)

Use this you want to filter interviewees from specific interview requesters. If none is selected, we will include all interviews.

Target Group

Select target group based on interviewee's actions.

  • Completed - Interview has to be marked as completed.
  • Completed and Fulfilled Rewards (If there are any) - If interview is tied to rewards, interviewees will only be included if both interview and linked fulfillment are marked as completed. If interview is not tied to rewards, interview has to be marked as completed for interviewees to be eligible. 

We recommend selecting  Completed and Fulfilled Rewards (If there are any) since a user may be more motivated if you send the request right after they have received their reward.